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Strategies for Research Funding

Strategies for research funding applications

Success in acquiring research funding has become increasingly difficult with the increased number & competitiveness of applications and further exacerbated by the falling expenditure into scientific research. More than ever, researchers and research organisations need to develop innovative strategies to deliver on the needs of the funder and to provide a return on investment to the economy, environment, and society.

Over two days you will gain insights into the formal and informal funding sources to fully utilise the research funding options available. You will also understand the strategy for developing a future-proof research agenda to be prepared for the future funding landscape changes that might otherwise hamper the success rate of fund applications.

Through interactive group activities, you will learn the steps behind creating a funding strategy that is able to link researchers and research users to ensure research is relevant for everyone.

At the end of the 2-day program, you will gain a better understanding of the considerations behind positioning and pitching in your funding applications, as well as the approaches to translating the broader impacts of the projects into grant writing. This 2-day workshop will refresh, reinforce, and build on your current knowledge by introducing new techniques, methods, and tools that are practical and easily understood. 


  • IDENTIFY available funding avenues and requirements to be positioned strategically to leverage on them
  • GAIN insights into planning for future research funding applications by matching funding opportunities to your long-term research goal   
  • LEARN the techniques needed to future-proof your research agenda to attain funding opportunities more effectively 
  • ADOPT the best practices in positioning your research funding plans focus for research success beyond the application process
  • UNDERSTAND institutional strategies for research funding support to develop a competitive research agenda and a robust funding strategy

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Workshop feedback

I was fortunate to attend Tamika Heiden’s 2 day masterclass for Securing Successful Research Funding and Grants Applications in February 2018. It was quickly obvious that Tamika is passionate about impact for research, and for people to achieve and be successful. She presented the information clearly and with experience. She was able to communicate relevance to all people in the room regardless of their experience and reason for attending. I left the masterclass feeling very well equipped to take the steps needed to improve my future applications. If you have the opportunity to attend Tamika’s masterclass, you should go as I am sure you will get a lot from it both professionally and personally.

Dr Helen Petsky RN, PhD

Senior Lecturer & Post-Doctoral Fellow, School of Nursing and Midwifery,  Menzies Health Institute Queensland, Griffith University

All workshops include


To examine our performance (impact), and to provide feedback regarding the value of the workshop to the individual and their organisation.


During the workshop participants will work on relevant elements for their own projects. Participants will leave with ideas and a plan of next steps to be undertaken. 


Handouts, activity sheets and information. Participants will have a valuable resource to refer back to as they implement their new knowledge.


All workshops include a follow-up coaching session with each participant to cover any questions and concerns and to facilitate the implementation process.

Action plan

Participants will use action items developed during the workshop to develop a purposeful and strategic plan. We make sure that time out for this workshop is not wasted but instead leveraged.

What participants say about our workshops