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Going beyond theory – Teaching you the “how” of creating and evaluating research impact


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Actions not just words

There is a lot of theory and a lot of research evidence on how to create and evaluate research impact. Theories and frameworks alone will not show you how to achieve it. When creating impact we have to work with people which means that we have to be flexible, work in ways that match behaviour, and consider personalities and bureaucracies.

In fact, studies have shown flexibility and personalisation of strategies is necessary. The 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) impact assessment collected 6679 impact case studies. Analysis of these case studies revealed over 3709 different pathways to impact, highlighting the individual nature of how we create research impact.

Our workshops & training integrate theory with practice to help you get to impact faster

We realise that time is precious. Our training helps you to develop your skills through bespoke workshops, and our follow up coaching enables you to implement your strategies, test them, and get advice as you go.

Our workshops & training are based on the latest research evidence and user case studies from around the globe. We are constantly scanning the latest evidence in research impact to bring you the very best.

We pride ourselves on providing a workshop structure, that is based on the philosophies underpinning best practice pathways to impact, laced with the realities of working outside of academia, to provide the greatest opportunities for the ongoing sustainability of learning.

Each of our workshops & training includes:


This allows us to examine our performance, and to provide feedback regarding the value of the workshop to the individual and their organisation.


During the workshop participants will work on relevant elements for their own projects. Participants will leave with ideas and a plan of next steps to be undertaken. In some cases, all implementation may be possible during the workshop period.


Participants will have a valuable resource to refer back to as they implement their new knowledge.


Access tailored implementation support in a follow-up coaching session. All workshops include a follow-up coaching session with each participant to cover any questions and concerns and to facilitate the implementation process.

Action plan

Participants will use action items developed throughout the workshop to develop their plan for the coming months. The plan is developed in a purposeful and strategic way to help progress learning and make sure that time out for this workshop is not wasted but instead leveraged.

Delivering training globally

We have worked in countries all around the world. No matter where you are, impact principles are the same and we are all about principles. Of course, if your after something special we can tailor to your specifics as required.

We’re available to run workshops online or face-to-face in any location around the world – reach out and we’ll work out a solution that best meets your needs!

Workshops & Training

This half-day workshop provides an initial introduction and understanding of the terminology, definitions and models of knowledge translation.

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This full-day workshop uses planning techniques and a template to determine your project vision and goals. We examine the value of stakeholder involvement and develop strategies to deliver impact from your research. Come with an idea and leave with a plan!

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This half-day or full-day workshop looks at the background to research impact and outlines what is meant by impact. We look at impact types, indicators, and evidence across the range of research disciplines to develop an understanding and appreciation of the complexity of impact.

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This one-day workshop focuses on how to mobilise an established body of evidence into action. Participants will learn about evidence-informed practical tools and strategies for putting knowledge into action in a practice or policy setting.

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This half or full-day workshop looks at how organisations are developing structures, processes and capacity to meet the growing demands of planning for, capturing and reporting on Research Impact

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This one-day workshop introduces researchers to the importance of engagement with social media. Researchers will learn about the different channels and develop a social strategy to suit their needs.

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This two -day workshop focuses on the elements required for successful grant applications. We look at government funding, philanthropic funding, and industry funding to help you succeed no matter what the source.

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This workshop supports participants through the process of planning their application, writing a vision and knowledge gain sections, writing a compelling impact narratives in your track record, and showcasing leadership contributions. We want to help participants take their work to the next level. This workshop will build the skills, and help participants understand tools to capture meaningful information to use when writing about knowledge gain and impact in grant applications.

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The SKTT™ workshop was developed at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto, Canada. A world-leader in KT research and practice, SickKids is partnering with the Research Impact Academy™ to offer a tailored SKTT™ curriculum relevant to the Australian & New Zealand context.

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Build your own adventure (workshops & training)

We have a range of modules that can be put together to create your bespoke workshop experience. 

Translation basics

Explore knowledge translation and research impact theory including definitions, terminology, the system, models and frameworks.

KT planning

Learn how to develop your KT goals, strategies and plan, and determine the resources and budget you’ll need.


Learn about impact and plan for different activities, indicators and the types of evidence and measures you can capture to show your impact.


Learn how to pitch and summarise your project and talk about KT and impact using plain language in grants and with stakeholders.

Presentation skills

Learn how to be an engaging and influential presenter, confident in presentation structure and storytelling for diverse audiences.

Building networks

Learn how to map and build a powerful network of collaborators. Develop a clear value proposition and understanding of roles, people, behaviour and communication platforms for working with and managing stakeholders.

Organisational strategies for achieving impact

Take a KT journey with your team from where you currently operate to where you would like to be in the future. Deepen your understanding of how to drive culture change and plan for and create research impact.

Fundamentals of implementation

Learn the basics of how to implement research in a way that maximises impact.

Building your research profile for a successful career

Learn online and offline strategies to promote your research and its meaningful impact to enjoy new career success.

Strategies for gaining research funding

Find out how to use knowledge translation to become a top contender for funding.

What people are saying about our workshops & training…

The recommendations and examples provided in the workshop provides a clear framework to guide the writing

When I first heard about the workshop I was not expecting to learn a lot from it. As I thought that any new tip or advice could help, I have registered to attend the worskshop. I was surprised to learn a lot from it. When I wrote these sections in previous years, I have lost considerable time writing several versions without knowing which one is the most suitable and expected. As there is not clear guideline or recommendation from Nhmrc to write these sections in a limited space, the recommendations and examples provided in the workshop provides a clear framework to guide the writing. After the worshop I have used these tips to rewrite the sections and it was ao much easier.

Patrick Bertolino
Centenary Institute

Tamika has a gift for identifying and communicating the key ingredients for research impact

Tamika has a gift for identifying and communicating the key ingredients for research impact measurement and reporting in a very complex, competitive and often confusing environment – I’m sure this workshop will improve my grant writing and my research in the years to come. Thank You Tamika!

Leanne Johnston
UQ School of Health & Rehabilitation

Thank you so much!

I will be sharing with my Research Centre how we can better plan, capture and communicate for research impact. It gives me hope that in research we can start to measure impact beyond publications, students or income generated. This would ultimately lead to greater inclusion and diversity of thinking in the sector. Thank you so much!

Megan Wong
Federation University

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