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Engaging for Impact
Thursday, April 27th
12.00pm - 1:00pm AEST
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Want to better understand and engage research users and other interested people to help you create research impact?

Come and join our founder in an interesting up-to-date approach to engaging with people to create meaningful research impact.

This one hour webinar will introduce you to the fundamentals of stakeholder engagement and help you develop skills, strategies and approaches to work with external organisations. We will walk through different types of engagement, elements within an engagement strategy, a process for identifying and selecting stakeholders, and management of the relationship throughout the project lifecycle. You will develop the skills and learn about some tools to facilitate meaningful interactions with your stakeholders so that you can open up avenue for scalable and sustainable impact from your research projects.

Knowing who to involve, when to involve them and how to engage, is vital to creating research impact. All too often we don't know where to start or can feel overwhelmed by both the number of possibilities or the daunting task of simply reaching out to make and nurture our connections with potential and existing stakeholders. These skills are a necessary element of impact creation. We see more and more emphasis on research impact, and there is an increasing need to create it and capture it. This workshop will guide you in developing a stakeholder engagement strategy with a direct line of sight to research impact.

The value of stakeholders –
this helps determine who you may need in your network
Strategies to build
your network
How to engage and manage your stakeholders
Quick overview of the tools
and platforms available
to make it easier

Webinar Host

Dr Tamika Heiden
Principal, Knowledge Translation Australia
Tamika Heiden has dedicated the last five years of her career to impact pathways through knowledge translation and the identification and assessment of research impact. Tamika is passionate about making a difference and delivering projects that create significant and lasting change for her clients.
Tamika’s more than a decade of career experience as a researcher and research manager in the fields of health, sport and medical research, along with her formal qualifications in knowledge translation and impact make her one of the few specialists that doesn’t just talk the talk. Tamika enjoys helping her clients to form partnerships, develop impact plans, and be rewarded for their efforts.
Tamika founded and hosted the annual online Research Impact Summit.
Tamika's passion for impact, along with the summit success, led to her becoming known as  the “Australian powerhouse of Research Impact”, and resulted in her winning the 2018 Knowledge Mobilization Forum award for Innovation. With a 4000 strong audience representing 47 countries, Tamika has interviewed more than fifty experts in the fields of stakeholder engagement, translation and implementation, and research impact.
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