How to Communicate Innovation and Creativity in the NHMRC Ideas Grant

Friday, March 17th
12.00pm - 1:00pm AEDT
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Are you applying for an Ideas Grant?

The NHMRC Ideas Grant has sections asking for an Innovation and Creativity Statement as well as a Significance statement.

NHMRC defines ‘Innovation and Creativity’ for the Ideas Grant scheme as health and medical research that seeks to challenge and shift current paradigms and/or have a major impact on a health research area through one or more studies that creatively:

  • develop or use novel research concepts, approaches, methodologies, technologies or interventions  

  • propose a reinterpretation, refinement, improvement or new application of existing theoretical concepts, approaches, methodologies, technologies or interventions, or  

  • integrate and adapt concepts, approaches, methodologies, technologies or interventions from other research fields or disciplines for a new purpose or in a new way.

This focus on Innovation and creativity is worth 25 % and is partially assessing the opportunities for impact of your project, be it substantial breakthroughs or other impacts within your research area.

NHMRC defines ‘Significance’ for the Ideas Grant scheme as the extent to which the outcomes and outputs will result in advancements to the research or health area.

Significance within the Ideas grants is worth 20% and assesses the likely advances your work will make, the outcomes of your work with reference to knowledge, practice or policy, and the outputs you will deliver in addition to scholarly publications.

The types of information that would be relevant and important within each of these two sections.
How to identify the relevant information and map your project outputs, outcomes and potential impacts.
How best to structure and articulate these sections for a clear and concise statement that will be highly ranked on assessment.

Webinar Host

Dr Tamika Heiden
Principal, Knowledge Translation Australia
Tamika Heiden has dedicated the last five years of her career to impact pathways through knowledge translation and the identification and assessment of research impact. Tamika is passionate about making a difference and delivering projects that create significant and lasting change for her clients.
Tamika’s more than a decade of career experience as a researcher and research manager in the fields of health, sport and medical research, along with her formal qualifications in knowledge translation and impact make her one of the few specialists that doesn’t just talk the talk. Tamika enjoys helping her clients to form partnerships, develop impact plans, and be rewarded for their efforts.
Tamika founded and hosted the annual online Research Impact Summit.
Tamika's passion for impact, along with the summit success, led to her becoming known as  the “Australian powerhouse of Research Impact”, and resulted in her winning the 2018 Knowledge Mobilization Forum award for Innovation. With a 4000 strong audience representing 47 countries, Tamika has interviewed more than fifty experts in the fields of stakeholder engagement, translation and implementation, and research impact.

Our Guest Speaker

Cathie Withyman
Associate, Research Impact Academy
Cathie Withyman is a research impact communication specialist. She has worked
with leading universities and government departments both domestically and
internationally to develop and craft engaging and insightful impact narratives.
Cathie possesses over 15 years experience partnering with researchers, program
managers and communication professionals to facilitate training and skills
development in the effective communication of research and program impacts. She
is a master at drawing out the true nature of impacts and weaving this into a
compelling narrative.
A key achievement of Cathie’s to date has been the compilation of a leading
Australian University’s submission to the Australian Research Council’s 2018 Impact
and Engagement Assessment. Cathie managed the development and authoring of
12 Impact Case Studies and 10 Research Engagement Narratives over an intense
six-month period.
She is skilled at coaching and mentoring research academics to plan, record and
report on research impact. She has developed training programs and resource
materials to support academics in this increasingly important area of their work.
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