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Mini Course: Creating your Vision and Mission

Free Course 

How to create and tailor your vision and mission in 4 steps

Why do you need a vision and mission? 

Having a solid vision and mission or clearly articulated purpose is essential for talking about your research with non-academic stakeholders, philanthropic funders and even within many major grant applications. Because, if you don’t know why you do your work then it will be difficult to influence others to believe in your work!

This process shows you the steps used by experts around the world to produce influential pitch worthy messages for funders and other stakeholders. 

This course will help you to:

  • Understand the importance of your ‘Why’ and how to articulate your purpose

  • Find out how successful researchers develop a high level vision and use it i their grant applications

  • Uncover your mission, who you help, how you help them and what you do

  • Perfect and craft your vision and mission to provide a clear message for you and your team.

Determining your ‘Why’

Working out your What and How

Working out your Who

Bringing it all together – refining your vision