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ARC Industry Fellowships

Grant Consultations

Are you applying for an ARC Mid Career Industry Fellowships, Early Career Industry Fellowships, or Industry Laureate Fellowships? If so, we are delighted to inform you that at Research Impact Academy, we offer expert review and consultation services tailored specifically to assist you with your fellowship applications.  We provide valuable guidance throughout the application process, ensuring that your proposal is well-structured, impactful, and aligned with the requirements of the fellowship program. 

The primary goal of the IFP (Industry Fellowships Program) is to create a pathway to support academic researchers in establishing careers in industry, and industry-based researchers to work in university settings, with the aim of increased two-way mobility and skill-building in research collaboration, translation and commercialisation. The Schemes will also drive research collaboration, translation and commercialisation outcomes across a range of industry settings.​

There are three levels in the IFP. All levels seek to:

  • develop a strong pipeline of researchers in Australia with capabilities in research collaboration, translation and commercialisation;
  • open up and maintain a diversity of career pathways traversing university and industry settings;
  • increase strategic engagement and alignment between universities and industry; 
  • contribute to the solving of industry-identified challenges and opportunities; and
  • create commercial, economic and other benefits for Australia through enhanced translation and commercialisation, including the development of start-up companies.

Early Career Industry Fellowships

Mid-Career Industry Fellowships

Industry Laureate Fellowships

  • develop the industry collaboration skills of early career researchers
  • support early career researchers to achieve translatable and/or commercialisable outcomes.
  • strengthen the industry collaboration skills of mid-career researchers 
  • encourage uptake of a wider range of career options for established researchers; and
  • supervise and develop future research and nurture their development of collaboration, commercialisation and translation skills; and
  • deliver significant, actionable outcomes for industry partners and end-users.
  • provide leadership in the development of high quality and impactful collaborations between university and industry personnel;
  • fund significant programs of research that deliver step-changes across a variety of industry settings;
  • provide an excellent research training environment and exemplary mentorship to nurture the development of collaboration, commercialisation and translation skills among early career researchers and Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students; and
  • attract and retain, within Australia, outstanding researchers and research leaders of international reputation with demonstrated capacity for collaboration, commercialisation and/or translation.

Refine Your ARC Industry Fellowships Application with Our Expert Consulting Services

Welcome to a space where your academic prowess, research interests, and professional ambitions harmoniously align. We are committed to bolstering the progress of academics like you in securing the prestigious ARC Industry Fellowships. Our mission is to nurture your ideas, amplify your influence, and propel your innovation into the limelight.

Enhancing Your Research Narrative

Our consulting service offers personalised and insightful guidance to amplify the impact of your draft national interest test statement, project summary, and proposal documents.

CRITERION 1: IMPACT We engage in insightful discussions, assisting you to further refine the crucial narrative of your research’s relevance and potential impacts. Our expertise will aid you in evaluating and enhancing the sustainability of your industry relationships and the potency of your impact pathways.

CRITERION 2: COMMITMENT AND ALIGNMENT Our collaborative sessions focus on accentuating your mutual benefits with your Key Industry Partner, emphasising the strength of your past collaborations and your commitment to long-term relationships. We help you critically examine and illuminate the industry partners’ contributions, offering a compelling illustration of your partnership.

CRITERION 3: CANDIDATE CAPABILITY We help you to reflect on and emphasise your skills, experiences, and leadership capabilities in a compelling manner that appeals to the Fellowship panel. We work together to underscore your mentoring prowess and your career development proposal’s effectiveness.

CRITERION 4: RESEARCH QUALITY AND INNOVATION Our team will facilitate the exploration of your project’s clarity, novelty, and innovative methodologies. We support you in elaborating on the uniqueness of your research, its feasibility, and the adequacy of your proposed resources and risk management strategies.

ABORIGINAL AND/OR TORRES STRAIT ISLANDER RESEARCH If your research involves collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, our team is equipped to guide you. We’ll support you in honing your outline of collaboration, benefit sharing, Indigenous research capacity building, and adherence to relevant ethical guidelines and principles.

Begin a Journey of Transformation of Industry Fellowships

Our service is designed to enrich your academic journey, offering a guiding hand through the complex terrain of ARC Industry Fellowships applications. We blend deep industry insight, academic understanding, and exceptional document editing skills to elevate your application from promising to unparalleled.

At RIA, we don’t just support—we transform your application journey. We specialize in individual consultations that focus on reviewing your grant draft proposals, making strategic edits, and providing personalized feedback. Here’s what we offer:

  1. Individualised Consultation: One-on-one consultations to understand your research and its potential impact. We’ll help you position your work and pitch it compellingly to reviewers.
  2. Expert Review: Our team of impact experts, communications experts and academics will meticulously review your draft proposals. They understand the ARC’s objectives and will ensure your application aligns with them.
  3. Strategic Edits: We’ll make strategic edits to your application to enhance its clarity, persuasiveness, and impact. Our goal is to help you effectively communicate the industry challenge or opportunity you aim to tackle within your ARC Industry Fellowships proposal.
  4. Tailored Feedback: Our feedback is always personalised, specific, and actionable. We’ll provide recommendations to strengthen your application and enhance your chances of success.
  5. Focus on Research Impact: We recognise the importance of demonstrating research impact in your application. We’ll help you craft a compelling narrative that showcases the commercial, economic, and societal benefits of your research.
  6. Confidentiality Assurance: Your intellectual property is safe with us. We strictly adhere to confidentiality agreements to protect your research ideas and data.

Whether you’re a researcher looking to build industry connections or a professional seeking to strengthen university ties, we’re here to help. We understand the specific aims of the ARC Industry Fellowships and will guide you in presenting your research in the most impactful way.

Don’t let this opportunity slip by. Enhance your application with expert consultation and join the league of successful ARC Fellows. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation. Let’s turn your research into impactful solutions that drive industry innovation.

We don’t just consult—we transform. We don’t just review—we elevate.

Our review process helps you to position your project in a compelling way


Our review process helps you to position your project in a compelling way
We are experts in articulating research benefits to ensure they shine through.

Clear benefits

We are experts in articulating research benefits to ensure they shine through.
We edit not just for clarity, but to position your research in the best possible light.


We edit not just for clarity, but to position your research in the best possible light.

What people say about our consulting

ARC Industry Fellowships what's involved

What's involved:

We use the following process for our grant consult sessions and have found this to be the most valuable and time effective for researchers.  

  1.  Book and pay for your consult below.
  2.  We will request your draft document in word document format 7 days before the online consultation to allow plenty of time for our detailed review.
  3. RIA will review and make track changes/comments on the document 
  4. RIA will set up an online consult, via Zoom, to discuss the review findings with the participant and suggest changes (1 hour)
  5.  Session recording and documents with track changes will be sent to the applicant following the online meeting.
ARC Industry Fellowships what you'll get

What you'll get:

  •  Expert advice and guidance from our expert consultants.
  • Online calendar booking to lock in your individual online consultation time.
  • Consultation reminders.
  • Zoom recording and a session report following the consult.
  • Word document with track changes
  • Optional reduced rate final review

Basic Review


Excludes GST

Sections Reviewed: 
Project Summary
National Interest Test Statement
Criterion 1: Impact

We provide:

Comphensive track changes edits, feedback, suggestions and comments on your word document.

One 1-hour online consult to discuss and clarify comments and feedback

Recording of our meeting to review as needed whilst implementing our suggestions.

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Proposal +


Excludes GST

Sections Reviewed:
Project Summary
National Interest Test Statement
Researcher 2 page CV

Proposal elements (5 pages) including:

Criterion 1: Impact 
Criterion 2: Commitment and Alignment
Criterion 3:Candidate Capability 
Criterion 4: Research Quality and Innovation

We provide:

Comprehensive track changes edits, feedback, suggestions and comments on your word document.

One 1-hour online consult to discuss and clarify comments and feedback

Recording of our meeting to review as needed whilst implementing our suggestions.


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Feedback from our consulting clients

The team at Research Impact Academy are professional, thorough, and effective, and really lifted up my grant application.

Hannah Badland, RMIT University 

ARC Future Fellowship Consult 

Just briefly I thought the process was great – the combination of the written feedback, zoom call and video recording was excellent. I liked that some additional written feedback was added to the documents during the meeting. In terms of the feedback itself, I thought it was very useful and am confident we now have a stronger application as a result.

Lukar Thornton, Deakin University IPAN