NHMRC Investigator Grants
2023 - Round one
In the last round of investigator grants, 29% of our clients were successful!

We help researchers provide a clear and compelling grant application.

In particular, the NHMRC Investigator Grant track record sections require the applicant to write about the impact of previous research. We have found that many researchers have difficulty in working out how to approach each of the three impact sections. The assessment criteria for these elements outlines clearly the need to develop and articulate your outputs, outcomes and the impact of a previous program of work.

Writing about your previous impact requires a different approach than typical scientific writing and must be in a language that can be understood by a range of reviewers, this type of writing can be difficult to master.

We work with you to map out your impacts so that you can master each of the three impact elements of your track record. In 2019 we worked with over 100 researchers with a success rate of more than 29%.

In addition, we can help with your leadership elements or even the entire grant application. When reviewing grants we have found there is often a lack of clarity around knowledge gain and a research vision that is not exciting to read.

Let us help you succeed.


Our review process helps you understand your impact and the best way to structure your track record sections.

Clear benefits

We are experts in articulating research outputs, outcomes and impacts to ensure they shine through.


We edit not just for clarity, but to position your research in the best possible light.

What's involved:

We use the following process for our grant consult sessions and have found this to be the most valuable and time effective for researchers.  

  1. Book and pay for your consult below.
  2. We will request your draft document in word document format 48 hours before review
  3. RIA will review and track changes on the document (1 hour estimate)
  4. RIA will set up an online consult, via Zoom, to discuss the review findings with the participant and suggest changes (1 hour)
  5. Session recording and any track changes documents will be sent to the applicant
What you'll get:
  • Expert advice and guidance from one of our expert consultants.
  • Online calendar booking to lock in online consultation time.
  • Consultation reminders.
  • Zoom recording and a session report following the consult.
  • Word document with track changes
  • Optional reduced rate final review
Basic review
Excludes GST
Expert review of three impact sections:
Reach & significance of the research impact
Research program's contribution to research impact
Applicant's contribution to the research program
Track Changes on your word document
One 1-hour online consult discussion

Basic plus Leadership
Excludes GST
Expert review of:
Reach & significance of the research impact
Research program's contribution to research impact
Applicant's contribution to the research program
Leadership track record components
Track Changes on your word document
One 1-hour online consult discussion
Full grant review
This option reviews the whole grant for clarity, and strength of messaging

Contact us
Review main document for clarity and messaging
Initial offline review

Track changes of word documents
1-hour online consult

Additional final review
Expert reviewers

Feedback from our participants

I am excited and relieved to be successful for an NHMRC investigator award.  Your session on preparing for this grant enabled me to get my head around what might be required in terms of research impact, and helped me articulate my research impact for the application.  Thanks to your workshop, I learnt this important skill.

Sarah Dunstan, Melbourne University

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It was an extremely insightful experience to attend the inaugural workshop on Research Impact for NHMRC Investigator Grants at the University of Melbourne in late 2018. Tamika and Cathie introduced key strategies including targeting a single research program of highest impact and providing compelling evidence of impact, and put them in the context of the increasing importance of research impact to funding bodies. The atmosphere of the session was overwhelmingly positive and there was significant time for both interactive group learning and individual proposal development. The follow-up with Tamika and Cathie via email and video conference after the session was critical to refine the proposal and produce a finished product. I would encourage other medical researchers to better understand the impact of their research through participation in this course

Dr Michael Hildebrand, Melbourne University
About Us!
Dr Tamika Heiden
Principal, Knowledge Translation Australia

Tamika has dedicated the last five years of her career to impact pathways through knowledge translation and the identification and assessment of research impact. Tamika is passionate about making a difference and delivering projects that create significant and lasting change for her clients. 

Tamika’s more than a decade of career experience as a researcher and research manager in the fields of health, sport and medical research, along with her formal qualifications in knowledge translation and impact make her one of the few specialists that doesn’t just talk the talk. Tamika enjoys helping her clients to form partnerships, develop impact plans, and be rewarded for their efforts.

More recently, Tamika founded and hosted the annual online Research Impact Summit. Tamika's passion for impact, along with the summit success, led to her becoming known as the “Australian powerhouse of Research Impact”, and resulted in her winning the 2018 Knowledge Mobilization Forum award for Innovation. With a 4000 strong audience representing 47 countries, Tamika has interviewed more than fifty experts in the fields of stakeholder engagement, translation and implementation, and research impact.

Cathie Withyman
Associate, Research Impact Academy

Cathie Withyman is a research impact communication specialist. She has worked with leading universities and government departments both domestically and internationally to develop and craft engaging and insightful impact narratives.

Cathie possesses over 15 years experience partnering with researchers, program managers and communication professionals to facilitate training and skills development in the effective communication of research and program impacts. She is a master at drawing out the true nature of impacts and weaving this into a compelling narrative.

A key achievement of Cathie’s to date has been the compilation of a leading Australian University’s submission to the Australian Research Council’s 2018 Impact and Engagement Assessment. Cathie managed the development and authoring of 12 Impact Case Studies and 10 Research Engagement Narratives over an intense six-month period.

She is skilled at coaching and mentoring research academics to plan, record and report on research impact. She has developed training programs and resource materials to support academics in this increasingly important area of their work.

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