Frequently asked questions

Where do you work?

We’re available to run workshops online or face-to-face in any location around the world – reach out and we’ll work out a solution that best meets your needs!

How will you help me to secure funding?

We’ll help you to plan for, implement, capture and demonstrate research impact so that you tell a compelling story about the immense value of your research to society, and why funding it will make a profound difference.

We provide advice, feedback and a critical review on your overarching grant concept and how it’s articulated. While we don’t review your science, we do look at any sections or themes on research impact and translation. We’ll advise on how you’re articulating the value of your research and the strength of your stakeholder involvement.

I have no time – will you create more work for me?

Investing a little time now in research impact and translation know-how can save you time throughout your career on research and support you to secure funding.

Do you work with researchers beyond health and medicine?

Every researcher holds a profound potential to create impact. No matter what you specialise in, we’re here to help and are proud to have happy clients in health, environment, business, engineering, hydrology, education, design and social sciences – to name just a few!

I’m a basic scientist, how will research impact help me?

Research impact will transform the pure knowledge of your research in any science so that it is useful to diverse user groups. Examples include new scientific techniques and methods, policy, practice, system or behaviour change.

Can you help with my research impact plan?

Research impact plans are now a common funding requirement that can make or break your success. We work with researchers to plan their research impact strategies and articulate these in their funding applications.

Can I discuss my research impact progress with you?

Our members join us for monthly interactive webinars and mastermind sessions with our founder and international research impact experts. Ask questions and get advice from the world’s impact thought leaders, we’re here to help!