The Synergy Grant round ran for the first time in 2019.  It was the first time that we have seen the introduction of an impact elements required as part of each Chief Investigators track record.

Having worked with a plethora of researchers around Australia to write their impact case studies for the previous round, and having 29% of our investigator grant clients, writing these same impact elements, win their grants totalling over $16.5 Million, we learned what not to do and how to tackle this aspect of your track record.

Note: This webinar will run after the release of the updated guidelines and include information on any changes to the impact track records sections.

This session will show you:

  • how to approach the case study for the different impact types –  knowledge, social, health or economic
  • common mistakes people make when writing the case study
  • differences between the three sections required in building your impact case study
  • What reviewers liked and didn’t like in the first round.

This is worth a large proportion of your grant, it’s vital you get this section structured to highlight your impact.

This webinar will talk through approaches each of the elements and outline anything new to note in the guidelines.

  • Reach and significance of the research impact
  • Research program’s contribution to the research impact
  • Applicant’s contribution to the research program