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In the previous round of Investigator grants, 29% of our clients were successful in securing more than $16,500,000 in research funding

The research impact sections of your track make up 20% of the NHMRC Investigator grants’ assessment criteria. Not representing yourself well within these sections could be the difference you need to get funded.

Based on our previous work on Investigator Grants, we developed this online workshop to help you communicate the research impact your work has achieved for the specific purpose of writing the impact track record sections.

The workshop includes several interactive components and individual activities. You will want to come prepared with an idea of the impacts you could use as part of your research impact sections, and you may even realise some new impacts you didn’t know you had!

This workshop is tailored to the new guidelines which are due to be released on 3rd February 2021.

After the workshop, you will have mapped out your impacts and will have begun writing each of the three impact sections with the appropriate language and in a compelling way.

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