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This is a challenging question without a clear answer. Implementation science is multi-disciplinary and affects many aspects of implementation. So what are the practicable aspects of implementation science? These are are generally considered to be implementation science theories, models, and frameworks. These theories, models, and frameworks make up the architecture or backbone of applying implementation science (Nilsen, 2015).

Theories, models and frameworks are all collectively required to effectively carry out implementation. As with everything in implementation, there is no “one size fits all”. Different process models are best suited to different situations. For example, if you are planning to implement a guideline or best practice, you’ll need to identify implementation strategies; a process model like the Knowledge to Action cycle can help you get there. If you’re working on implementing a program, a process model like Active Implementation, Getting to Outcomes or the Quality Implementation Framework might be a better fit.

So how do you choose a framework? Join this webinar to learn about the frameworks, models and theories and the considerations in choosing what to use.