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In 2021, you need to understand impact!

This live and online workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of research impact and help you understand what it is, how you can plan for it, and how to easily create more opportunities to take your work to the next level. You will gain the skills and understand tools to capture meaningful information that you can use when writing about your impact in grant applications, in assessment case studies, or reporting to your funders and key stakeholders. This workshop will help you articulate your impact in a clear, logical and convincing way.

Impact knowledge and communication skills are vital to most professions and organisations. In research, this can help with grant applications and applications for promotions and tenure. In addition, we see more and more emphasis on the assessment of impact, and there is an increasing need to understand how to structure and to communicate impact within case studies. In the non-profit sector or research funding arena, we are seeing a need to evaluate the impact of your work so that you can ensure a solid return on investment and continued funding and donations.

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