An Innovative Method for Collaboration

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2020 has been a challenging year for many reasons. It has seen heartache and heartbreak in many instances. But what is interesting is how it has also led to some innovative ways of working and thinking. One of those is how we collaborate and even meet new people to bring into our network.

The inability to attend conferences in person has stifled networking and potential collaboration opportunities. As researchers,  many of the wonderful ideas and projects are thought up and discussed when meeting new people and listening to others experiences at conferences and other in person events. Without these opportunities, which are tricky to recreate online, we are missing those connections that can be both opportunistic but also incredibly valuable to have.

This webinar, with one of the founders of the Research Collab will discuss the challenges they have witnessed and some solutions they have come up with to overcome these missing opportunities. We will talk about a solution that is helping researchers find projects and connect to the support they need. Come and hear case study examples of how The Research Collab have helped connect people across the world to improve access to skills, people, funding and other expertise via an online market place for medical research and innovation.

Discussion topics include:

  • Challenges faced by medical trainees and researchers in a time of COVID
  • Stories of connection that has led to impact
  • How this method of connecting and collaborating can lead to and support multidisciplinary success
  • How you can start collaborating and connecting through the Research Collab

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