Our reason for being

Our vision is to unveil the incredible research that is being done around the world so that it can be impactful in making the world a better place.

Our Mission

We achieve our vision through specialized training solutions, consulting, and global membership for researchers and research support staff. We unite global expertise to support local expertise and save you time by making it easier.

Do you want to change the world but feel frustrated or unsupported by the process of creating an impact?

Do you feel that despite your best efforts, and indeed successes, you are treading water or simply not moving forward?

It’s not easy to create research impact. We make it easier.

The Research Impact Academy can help you get the right information, to the right person, at the right time and in a format they can understand, to inspire its uptake.

Core values


Inspire action

Everything we deliver and create contains elements to inspire


Catalyst for change

Use out of the box thinking to deliver innovative transformations


Solutions not problems

Think forward, provide solutions, positivity and optimism

Our Back Story

The Research Impact Academy began as a consultancy in Australia in 2014. At that time, Knowledge Translation and Research Impact were barely on the Australian Radar and yet Tamika, Founder of KT Australia, was already planning for what was to come. In fact, it was this type of thinking and frustration with the sector that led to the development of the annual Research Impact Summit and an online membership for research professionals. 

The membership was a success but became a global membership rather than local and in itself showed the need and the want of the sector for a global community or practice and support group. So in 2019, we changed our name and decided to focus on the global similarities and differences to support all working on, in or around the edges of research impact, or whatever you call it!

Our Valued Clients & Partners

Research Impact Clients


Tamika Heiden

Dr Tamika Heiden

Founder and Managing Director

Hi there, my name is Dr Tamika Heiden and I’m excited to introduce you to the Research Impact Academy. 

Helping researchers to fulfil their dreams and deliver meaningful change to society is a vision of mine that I hope to share with you too.

In just four years, we’ve helped researchers around the world to secure over US$30 million in funding. I’m incredibly proud of how they’ve turned their learnings with us into meaningful impact and can’t wait to share how we can help you find extraordinary success too.

Have a think back to your early steps on the research path―what values sparked your decision to set out in this direction? Maybe you were a bit like me and wanted to change the world. I really wanted to discover new things, help people and make a difference somehow.

These values have stayed with me, but I’ve realised that the discovery of new evidence alone doesn’t always get used to make that difference. I’ve realised the need to work in new ways to ensure findings reach the people who need to see it or use it. If you can relate to this, pathways to impact could be the solution you’re looking for.

Research impact is a powerful force for positive change and is fast becoming an essential survival skill for researchers around the world. It’s about having a pathway that gest the right information, to the right people, at the right time and in the right format―it makes connections and shares knowledge between research, policy and practice to create change.

Driven to reimagine the possibilities and revolutionise knowledge sharing to create a better world, I’ve developed world-leading research translation and impact services to equip you with the latest skills and expertise.

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