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NHMRC Investigator Grant application workshop
  Tentative Dates:
30th and 31st August 2023
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29% of our consulting clients have won an NHMRC Investigator Grant 

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This workshop supports participants through the process of planning their application, writing a vision and knowledge gain sections, writing a compelling impact narratives in your track record, and showcasing leadership contributions. We want to help participants take their work to the next level. This workshop will build the skills, and help participants understand tools to capture meaningful information to use when writing about knowledge gain and impact in grant applications.

We have been working with researchers on their NHMRC Investigator Grant Applications since they introduced the new scheme in late 2019. Our consulting options fill fast, but we have noticed that when applicants take our workshop, they come to us with a better draft.

This online workshop works through all the elements of the application to give participants the best chance of success.

There is an increasing need to understand how to best structure, articulate and communicate your research knowledge gain, and your research impact and leadership track record. This workshop is designed to help you do just that.

Workshop structure & modules

The workshop can be broken into four two-hour sessions. Each session is live and particpants will work on thier grant applications. We have divided the workshop to give you time to work between sessions and to tend to your other ongoing research tasks. All sessions will be live online so that participants have the opportunity to fully participate in the same way they would in a traditional face to face workshop. We use Zoom for the sessions, and participants have the ability to ask questions using their microphones. If you can't make a session, you will get access to the recording so you can catch up.

Session 1
  • Investigator grant basics and considerations
  • Mapping out your project proposal
  • Writing a project vision
Session 2
  • Determining your knowledge gain and writing a compelling statement
  • Language, wording and structure of your proposal elements
  • Revisiting your project map and project vision
  • Your top five research publications
Session 3
  • Breaking down the impact track record components
  • Understanding your impact pathway
  • Mapping the impact elements of your chosen program of research
  • What goes in each section and how to frame the elements
Session 4
  • Leadership sections
  • Types of information to include in each section
  • How to show leadership rather than telling 
  • The ten step check list for your application

Your workshop facilitators

Dr Tamika Heiden
Principal, Research Impact Academy

Tamika has dedicated the last five years of her career to impact pathways through knowledge translation and the identification and assessment of research impact. Tamika is passionate about making a difference and delivering projects that create significant and lasting change for her clients. 

Tamika’s more than a decade of career experience as a researcher and research manager in the fields of health, sport and medical research, along with her formal qualifications in knowledge translation and impact make her one of the few specialists that doesn’t just talk the talk. Tamika enjoys helping her clients to form partnerships, develop impact plans, and be rewarded for their efforts.

More recently, Tamika founded and hosted the annual online Research Impact Summit. Tamika's passion for impact, along with the summit success, has led to her becoming known as the “Australian powerhouse of Research Impact”, and resulted in her winning the 2018 Knowledge Mobilization Forum award for Innovation. With a 4000 strong audience representing 47 countries, Tamika has interviewed more than fifty experts in the fields of stakeholder engagement, translation and implementation, and research impact.

Cathie    Withyman
Associate, Research Impact Academy

Cathie Withyman is a research impact communication specialist. She has worked with leading universities and government departments both domestically and internationally to develop and craft engaging and insightful impact narratives.

Cathie possesses over 15 years experience partnering with researchers, program managers and communication professionals to facilitate training and skills development in the effective communication of research and program impacts. She is a master at drawing out the true nature of impacts and weaving this into a compelling narrative.

A key achievement of Cathie’s to date has been the compilation of a leading Australian University’s submission to the Australian Research Council’s 2018 Impact and Engagement Assessment. Cathie managed the development and authoring of 12 Impact Case Studies and 10 Research Engagement Narratives over an intense six-month period.

She is skilled at coaching and mentoring research academics to plan, record and report on research impact. She has developed training programs and resource materials to support academics in this increasingly important area of their work.

Feedback from workshop participants

This course has profoundly changed and enhanced my view of impact. I think it should be essential for all researchers. I have always sought the research-practice connection. This workshop quantified that for me and clarified how the connection between research and practice can be tangibly measured and communicated. If this definition of impact were more widely shared, it would have the potential to transform academia, making the production, translation, and application of research so much more efficient and practical.

Nicole Weeks, Australian Childrens Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) April 2020

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Simple, and relatable explanation of KT and impact creation - that really hits home with academics

Ryan Wendt, RMIT University
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I was fortunate to attend Tamika Heiden’s 2 day masterclass for Securing Successful Research Funding and Grants Applications in February 2018. It was quickly obvious that Tamika is passionate about impact for research, and for people to achieve and be successful. She presented the information clearly and with experience. She was able to communicate relevance to all people in the room regardless of their experience and reason for attending. I left the masterclass feeling very well equipped to take the steps needed to improve my future applications. If you have the opportunity to attend Tamika’s masterclass, you should go as I am sure you will get a lot from it both professionally and personally.

Dr Helen Petsky RN, PhD, Grif
Learning outcomes
Confidence in writing your knowledge gain five pages
  • You will understand how to position your research to highlight the knowledge gain
  • We will help you explain your work in a clear and logical manner
  • You will have a clear project vision that aligns with your work
Track record components
  • Identify exactly what needs to be presented in each section of your track record
  • Know how to write about your leadership and best represent your top five publications
  • A clear plan of what to write in each of the three impact sections
Writing styles for impact sections of track record
  • Building your case study, examples of good and bad impact sections
  • Using a story narrative to articulate your research impact in a compelling way
  • Linking the research and the researcher’s contribution to the impact

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