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Create, Communicate & Evaluate Research Impact

We’ve already empowered thousands of researchers around the globe & we’d love to share the magic with you.

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Since 2014 we have served hundreds of groups and organisations within Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and the United States of America. To provide the broadest service and to meet the needs of our international clients, we use a mix of in-person and live online options to deliver research impact training and consulting.

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What we do….

Workshops & Training

Our range of training solutions, both bespoke and packaged, for researchers and research support staff can be run online or in person.


We work with organisations and individuals on a range of projects including grant reviews and impact case studies.


Our global community of practice provides online learning and support for researchers and research support staff.

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6 Reasons To Choose us

Get ahead fast with strategies to thrive

Get ahead fast with strategies to thrive

Through our consulting, membership and workshop services, we’ll help you become a top contender for funding and future-proof your organisation for research impact.

World leaders in research impact

World leaders in research impact

Our reputation as an international leader in helping researchers and research organisations to create relevant and usable evidence for research impact is second to none.

Enjoy a tailored approach to learning

Enjoy a tailored approach to learning

We appreciate and love the fact that each researcher and research organisation is unique, so it’s only natural that we offer you a tailored approach to learning.

We challenge the status quo

We challenge the status quo

Integrating traditional research approaches with new perspectives and disciplines from the world’s best practitioners and thinkers, we’re masters at disrupting research-as-usual for positive outcomes.

Global knowledge networks and sharing

Global knowledge networks and sharing

Driven to make connection and learning more accessible to achieve greater research impact, we developed the free and online annual Research Impact Summit to share knowledge with as many people as possible.

Feel inspired in a like minded community

Feel inspired in a like minded community

Our thriving community of practice connects like-minded impact champions around the world on the research impact journey.

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Tamika Heiden

Dr Tamika Heiden – Head Inspirer, Research Impact Academy

Hi, I’m Tamika Heiden, Head Inspirer and Founder.

I don’t know about you, but I became a researcher so that I could change the world! I guess I was a bit optimistic, but I really wanted to discover new things, I wanted to help people, and I wanted to make a difference somehow. These are values that have stayed with me, but I have realised that research alone, and the discovery of new evidence alone, will not make the difference that I was aiming for. I have realised the need to work in new ways to ensure that the findings of research get to the people who need to know about it, or who need to use it. Importantly, I have found and learnt proven methods, models and frameworks that can help.

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